I’m probably the last known human to finally discover New Farm’s worst-kept secret: Little Loco.

When my boyfriend and I made the (terrifying) cross-city move to Fortitude Valley at the start of the year, we were driving around town aimlessly scoping out our new surroundings, trying to cover basics like where the hell do we get our groceries now and where do you people keep your booze. In what felt like the heart of the suburbs (but we would later realise was only a few blocks from the hub of New Farm) we drove past a tiny cafe. It zipped by like a flash but it was small, homey, busy and had flowers out the front so, I immediately declared we would go there as soon as possible. That was around February and today, six-ish months later, I finally did go there, and boy was it worth the wait!

In case you hadn’t guessed already, Little Loco is a tiny cafe nestled in the suburb of New Farm. It occupies a small but beautifully furnished space that screams to be Instagram-ed for its simple, clean elegance. More to the point, though, the food is amazing.

Think of your trusted brekkie favourites but as generously portioned plates of goodness. Options range from the green bowl (poached eggs with mixed greens); porridge with fresh, seasonal, fruit; a brekky burger with all your guilty essentials; and, of course, waffles!

Healthy and not-so-healthy options sit comfortably beside a range of fresh smoothies, locally pressed juices and Single Origin coffee (topped with 100% real heirloom chocolate if you fancy yourself a cappuccino).

On this particular day, I took my beautiful mum and we both become besotted with the signature Little Loco Breakfast. That Little Loco trend of brekkie stalwarts with generous portions? That applies doubly to this one!


Trust me, It was just as delicious as it looks. Think of that feeling of warming up on a crisp cold, Brisbane day and you’ve hit the culinary nail on the head. Paired with a coffee and a green smoothie (spinach, banana, mango and coconut), to shoo away the guilt, it was the perfect winter pick-me-up!

Personally, I’m now fighting for excuses to go back and try the Egyptian Eggs breakfast bowl.

Oh, and those flowers I saw? They come beautiful and cheery courtesy of Flower and Bloom and much to the dismay of the gentleman whose reluctant butt made it into the photo.


Little Loco is offering up breakfast goodness from 121 Merthyr Rd in New Farm, 7 days a week

Facebook: Little Loco Cafe
Instagram: Littlelococafe


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