After falling in love with the event’s launch last Friday,  I decided to swallow my distaste for (see: deep-seeded hatred of) enormous crowds and tackle South Bank’s Regional Flavours festival!

My boyfriend played chaperone to make sure I made it out alive and didn’t eat myself stupid, and together we uncovered some pretty delicious local treats that almost made it worth braving the crush.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar

Next Door, the food truck baby sister of Little Stanely Street’s permanent resident of the same name, was the first food truck to take our eye. I went with the pulled beef brisket burger with slaw on a brioche bun and my boyfriend went with the hot wings with blue cheese sauce but both were incredible! Hindsight is a beautiful thing and, looking back, we shouldn’t have started with something so filling but it’s hard to regret it when the food is this good.


Cucina by Toscani’s

With a little room left in our tummies (mostly just from sheer force of will) we descended upon Cucina, another food truck side product of a permanent Brisbane instalment. Cucina and Toscani’s cook up Italian fare and this time around we went with the mushroom arancini and the spiced lamb and halloumi skewers.

Neha’s Indian Inspired Ice Cream & Chutney

Full of savoury now but somehow with room to spare we were seeking out something sweet and watching Neha Sen’s beautiful toppings scattered over Sundaes of her Indan-inspired ice cream was more than enough to catch us. We went with a mix of Coconut Lemon Myrtle and Macadamia with Mango and Honey Lassi. The salty-sweet mix of ice cream and toppings (spiced granola, yum!) was exactly what we needed to finish our brave adventure .


We finished off the day by taking home some fresh, homemade gnocchi to whip up for dinner and a Cabernet Merlo from Clovely Estate to match (I’d had my eye on the Clovely Estate range since tasting it at the launch of The Hunting Club and was thrilled to find they had  a stall).

The final verdict? Crowds are awful and I wish I’d planned better (and taken full advantage of the wine tasting!) but I saw some cute dogs and the great food might just have been worth it.


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