As the university holiday comes to an end, I’m feeling the usual weight of regret after I failed to complete the lengthy list of activities I’d planned for myself.

Among these activities was a library of books to read, a lengthy list of cafes to visit and a spattering of good, old-fashioned crafty things.

So, just for fun, I’ve narraowed that list down here to some adorable (and some a little outrageous) food-themed DIYs that never made it off my holiday to do list.

Now, I prefer my DIY  to be more the cool-uses-for-things-I-already-have-at-home variety and less the buy-a-million-miles-of-leather-from-Spotlight kind. Some of these are those and some of them are so complex I will probably never try them and they’ll simply gather dust in my bookmarks tab for the remainder of both of our lives.

In the same vain some of these are pretty practical and I really do hope to make them one rainy Sunday but some of them are so outrageous I may have to invent a use for them (though, if I can’t ever find a use for a child’s egg costume scaled up for adult sizing I may after to re-address the sum of my life choices).

Ice Cream Cone Wall Planter | Aww Sam

I love this one! It’s exactly as described: a little min-planter for an indoor plant that’s shaped just like an ice cream cone! In fact, I love it so much I’ve actually already done it. It’s super fun and just the right balance of simple and fiddly to make you feel like you’ve done something truly crafty and clever. This one’s staying on my crafty wish list because I would love t try it again with some paint in an authentic ice cream cone shade.

Sweet Treat Doormat | Frankie

What better way to welcome all those dinner guests I never have than with a doormat decorated like a Nice biscuit! Like the ice cream cones, this one actually seems super do-able, just grab yourself a plain matt and some spray paint and everything else should be of the lying-around-the-house variety.

Knitted Hot Cross Bun | My Poppet

Now this one, to me, seems tough! But that’s mostly because knitting, in general, seems difficult to me. While I’m more than happy to cross-stitch rude phrases and hang them in ornate, flowery frames, that feels a world away from knitting when I look at these instructions. Who knows, maybe this is a good place to start knitting or maybe just something for the experienced among us but, either way, they’re cute as hell.

Tiny Taco Headphone Holder | Frankie

This I can do. Felt, scissors, glue and just enough sewing to make you feel like maybe you could do that housewife thing later in life. It’s super simple, super cute and, I think, would make a perfect simple gift for someone you care about just enough to put that personal bit of effort in but who also loves the stupid shit you love.

Egg-cellent Fried Egg Costume | My Poppet

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: if in the remainder of my life I can’t find one single use for a fried egg costume that something has gone severely wrong. Surely, friends with milestone birthdays might throw dress-up parties where the theme is the letter ‘E’ or I’ll just find a way to express my passion for breakfast foods outside of the party space. Time will tell.

Best Biscuits Mobile | Frankie

This one, too, falls into the category of very, very cute things I will probably never get around to justifying. As much as I would love to have a mobile of pastel biscuits hanging above my study space, it’s a lot of effort for a little bit of creative return. I mean, who even really owns patterned scissors?

Image Credit: Frankie


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