I’m a sucker for a cute cafe. Give me a cute cafe and a chic rooftop bar and I will bury a body for you, no questions asked.

But all jokes aside, The Windsor Larder has been on my “Cute cafes to hit up before I die” list since the list itself was written and this weekend I finally got to tick it off.

Tucked before a corner store in the middle-way suburb of Windsor, it’s not exactly easy to find but if you can ignore your GPS find your way in, it’s well worth any struggle.

This super cute space is decked out with mismatched vintage knickknacks, from the furniture to the produce table in the centre of the cafe to the small shelving that serves as a  mini grocer, offering a selection of preserves and other take-home goodies. This place is mismatched chic at its finest.

For my maiden voyage, I chose the Brioche french toast with poached pear, while my mum (the perfect brunch companion) opted for the classic avocado on toast.


Not only were both delicious but the avocado on toast was super generous for a dish that seems to be shrinking lately.

And there’s plenty I didn’t get to try that I’ll definitely be back for!  There’s the pumpkin and blue cheese arancini that’s the size of my palm, the homemade chicken pate (yum! and it’s only $5!) and those take-home granola jars that I’m hoping are just as delicious are they are ridiculously pretty.

I’ll race you back to The Windsor Larder and we’ll both find it at 3b/229 Lutwyche Rd, Windsor (which is not where your GPS says it is). They’re serving up the good stuff every day from 6:30am.

Facebook: The Windsor Larder
Instagram: The.Windsor.Larder



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