The main question I took away from my visit to Darling & Co. on Sunday was: how have I never been here before?

Before the coming (and passing) of the New Year, I set my sights on a little something Darling & Co. had cooked up combining a lobster roll and a glass of, you guessed it, frose. What I found was not only unapologetically photogenic but delicious to boot.

These guys blend whole fresh strawberries into their boozy concoctions and you can taste the difference immediately. The result is a sweet, fresh candy-pink concoction that has more in common with a Boost Juice than a glass of wine. And mean that in a good way.

Plus they garnish with edible flowers and serve in a stemless wine glass so the result appeals much too effortlessly to my insatiable desire to Instagram my every waking moment:


The lobster roll, on the other hand, was a little disappointed. While the roll was delicious the filling was a lot more onion than lobster related.

Notably, I also dropped in in the first my place because of a “summer-long” deal they were advertising on their Facebook that combined the lobster roll and a glass of frose in a slightly cheaper Sunday deal. However, when I arrived I was told that the deal was not so much summer-long as already over and done with.

I was disappointed but, as you can see, I took a build-you-own approach with a side of fries and it all came out the same.


Not to mention that when you order food from the bar they give you a tiny wooden sign on a garden stake that you stick snuggly into the pot of fresh Basil you’ll find on each and every table.

You’ll find Darling and Co. at 157 Given Terrace in Paddington and they’re serving up the goods from 6:30am every day!  


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