The Windsor Larder | Windsor

I'm a sucker for a cute cafe. Give me a cute cafe and a chic rooftop bar and I will bury a body for you, no questions asked. But all jokes aside, The Windsor Larder has been on my "Cute cafes to hit up before I die" list since the list itself was written and … Continue reading The Windsor Larder | Windsor


King Arthur Cafe | Fortitude Valley

So, today, I finally made it back to King Arthur Cafe and this time I was even focused enough to tear myself away from the sparse interior and gorgeous baked goods to remember to take a photo or two! It's a modern day miracle. I love King Arthur Cafe. I love the beautiful, tubular upstairs … Continue reading King Arthur Cafe | Fortitude Valley

Abode Cafe | Taringa

Winter is well and truly here, and along with it comes that deep-down, pit-of-your-stomach, core-of-your-very-self type of craving for a breakfast that warms you from your head to your toes. Small in stature but big in homemade might, Taringa’s Abode Cafe has you covered. Framed by rows of delicious homemade chutneys and sweet jams, Abode's hearty … Continue reading Abode Cafe | Taringa