The Windsor Larder | Windsor

I’m a sucker for a cute cafe. Give me a cute cafe and a chic rooftop bar and I will bury a body for you, no questions asked.

But all jokes aside, The Windsor Larder has been on my “Cute cafes to hit up before I die” list since the list itself was written and this weekend I finally got to tick it off.

Tucked before a corner store in the middle-way suburb of Windsor, it’s not exactly easy to find but if you can ignore your GPS find your way in, it’s well worth any struggle.

This super cute space is decked out with mismatched vintage knickknacks, from the furniture to the produce table in the centre of the cafe to the small shelving that serves as a  mini grocer, offering a selection of preserves and other take-home goodies. This place is mismatched chic at its finest.

For my maiden voyage, I chose the Brioche french toast with poached pear, while my mum (the perfect brunch companion) opted for the classic avocado on toast.


Not only were both delicious but the avocado on toast was super generous for a dish that seems to be shrinking lately.

And there’s plenty I didn’t get to try that I’ll definitely be back for!  There’s the pumpkin and blue cheese arancini that’s the size of my palm, the homemade chicken pate (yum! and it’s only $5!) and those take-home granola jars that I’m hoping are just as delicious are they are ridiculously pretty.

I’ll race you back to The Windsor Larder and we’ll both find it at 3b/229 Lutwyche Rd, Windsor (which is not where your GPS says it is). They’re serving up the good stuff every day from 6:30am.

Facebook: The Windsor Larder
Instagram: The.Windsor.Larder



King Arthur Cafe | Fortitude Valley

So, today, I finally made it back to King Arthur Cafe and this time I was even focused enough to tear myself away from the sparse interior and gorgeous baked goods to remember to take a photo or two! It’s a modern day miracle.

I love King Arthur Cafe. I love the beautiful, tubular upstairs interior; I love the tiny repurposed jars of sugar on every table; I love the delicious baked goods that they force you to walk past as you leave, and I love the food.

Well before you yell it at me from across the playground, yes I very well would marry it, seeing as I love it so much if it wasn’t for one, small tiny thing. King Arthur Cafe commit, what I consider to be, the cardinal breakfast sin: only one piece of toast with your two poached eggs. It has never made sense to me and it never well. Eggs and bread (for those of us still blessed by a healthy relationship with gluten) go hand in hand. One egg = one piece of toast. Two eggs = two pieces of toast. It’s just how the world has always been and without our diligent adherence to that basic breakfast equation, the very structures of our society begin to crumble around us.

Nevertheless, I can never tear myself away from King Arthur.


This time I went with the cinnamon french toast and it did not disappoint. A whole, juicy poached pear jostled for space with fried pineapple, fresh strawberries and vanilla mascarpone.

And there were two pieces of toast! Hazar! Consider that cardinal sin banished from the breakfast kingdom… for now.

Conveniently, you’ll find these guys at 164c Arthur St, Fortitude Valley. They’re open 7 days a week from 7am 

Facebook: King Arthur Cafe
Instagram: Kingarthurcafe

Abode Cafe | Taringa

Winter is well and truly here, and along with it comes that deep-down, pit-of-your-stomach, core-of-your-very-self type of craving for a breakfast that warms you from your head to your toes.

Small in stature but big in homemade might, Taringa’s Abode Cafe has you covered.

Framed by rows of delicious homemade chutneys and sweet jams, Abode’s hearty brekkies are the things of your deepest, darkest winter cravings and your childhood, farmhouse daydreams combined,

Serving up a rotating seasonal menu, Abode has a focus on fresh, ethical produce and homemade goodies. With dishes like “Nanna’s Eggs” (scrambled eggs with bacon, onion and roasted tomatoes) and the classic mince on toast, accompanied by their homemade chilli jam, breakfast at Abode is like starting the day in the warmth of the romantic farmhouse kitchen I wish I grew up in.


A cold pressed juice and a smoothie went down a treat with my feelings of green-eyed childhood envy; plus Abode is serving Brisbane’s own boutique roast, Black Sheep Coffee, every day of the week, for a dash of local pride to bring us all back down to earth.

Find a spot in the sun on their patio and feel your fingers defrost from the 20-degree Brisbane winter or cosy up inside on a table for two. Either way, if it’s a warm and hearty winter breakfast you’re after Abode, has your heart and your tummy well and truly covered.

And because floral offerings are always of the utmost importance, here’s some of Abode’s “flowery goodness” to really bring out that farmhouse vibe:


If you’re ready to warm up with a hunt through the suburbs, you’ll find Abode Cafe at 30 Hillsdon Road, Taringa. They’re open 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch, with the kitchen closing at 2pm each day.

Facebook: Abode Cafe
Instagram: Abode Cafe

Little Loco | New Farm

I’m probably the last known human to finally discover New Farm’s worst-kept secret: Little Loco.

When my boyfriend and I made the (terrifying) cross-city move to Fortitude Valley at the start of the year, we were driving around town aimlessly scoping out our new surroundings, trying to cover basics like where the hell do we get our groceries now and where do you people keep your booze. In what felt like the heart of the suburbs (but we would later realise was only a few blocks from the hub of New Farm) we drove past a tiny cafe. It zipped by like a flash but it was small, homey, busy and had flowers out the front so, I immediately declared we would go there as soon as possible. That was around February and today, six-ish months later, I finally did go there, and boy was it worth the wait!

In case you hadn’t guessed already, Little Loco is a tiny cafe nestled in the suburb of New Farm. It occupies a small but beautifully furnished space that screams to be Instagram-ed for its simple, clean elegance. More to the point, though, the food is amazing.

Think of your trusted brekkie favourites but as generously portioned plates of goodness. Options range from the green bowl (poached eggs with mixed greens); porridge with fresh, seasonal, fruit; a brekky burger with all your guilty essentials; and, of course, waffles!

Healthy and not-so-healthy options sit comfortably beside a range of fresh smoothies, locally pressed juices and Single Origin coffee (topped with 100% real heirloom chocolate if you fancy yourself a cappuccino).

On this particular day, I took my beautiful mum and we both become besotted with the signature Little Loco Breakfast. That Little Loco trend of brekkie stalwarts with generous portions? That applies doubly to this one!


Trust me, It was just as delicious as it looks. Think of that feeling of warming up on a crisp cold, Brisbane day and you’ve hit the culinary nail on the head. Paired with a coffee and a green smoothie (spinach, banana, mango and coconut), to shoo away the guilt, it was the perfect winter pick-me-up!

Personally, I’m now fighting for excuses to go back and try the Egyptian Eggs breakfast bowl.

Oh, and those flowers I saw? They come beautiful and cheery courtesy of Flower and Bloom and much to the dismay of the gentleman whose reluctant butt made it into the photo.


Little Loco is offering up breakfast goodness from 121 Merthyr Rd in New Farm, 7 days a week

Facebook: Little Loco Cafe
Instagram: Littlelococafe