Darling & C0. | Paddington

The main question I took away from my visit to Darling & Co. on Sunday was: how have I never been here before?

Before the coming (and passing) of the New Year, I set my sights on a little something Darling & Co. had cooked up combining a lobster roll and a glass of, you guessed it, frose. What I found was not only unapologetically photogenic but delicious to boot.

These guys blend whole fresh strawberries into their boozy concoctions and you can taste the difference immediately. The result is a sweet, fresh candy-pink concoction that has more in common with a Boost Juice than a glass of wine. And mean that in a good way.

Plus they garnish with edible flowers and serve in a stemless wine glass so the result appeals much too effortlessly to my insatiable desire to Instagram my every waking moment:


The lobster roll, on the other hand, was a little disappointed. While the roll was delicious the filling was a lot more onion than lobster related.

Notably, I also dropped in in the first my place because of a “summer-long” deal they were advertising on their Facebook that combined the lobster roll and a glass of frose in a slightly cheaper Sunday deal. However, when I arrived I was told that the deal was not so much summer-long as already over and done with.

I was disappointed but, as you can see, I took a build-you-own approach with a side of fries and it all came out the same.


Not to mention that when you order food from the bar they give you a tiny wooden sign on a garden stake that you stick snuggly into the pot of fresh Basil you’ll find on each and every table.

You’ll find Darling and Co. at 157 Given Terrace in Paddington and they’re serving up the goods from 6:30am every day!  


Sixteen Antlers | Brisbane CBD

Several weeks ago, I attended the media launch of Brisbane’s newest rooftop bar gig: Sixteen Antlers.

It’s a terribly-kept secret that I’m a complete sucker for a rooftop bar – where “rooftop bar” could mean anything that finds itself serving alcohol on the top of any building. I will happily call your friend’s rooftop my new favourite rooftop bar if the alcohol is good, the decor is trendy and the views are 10/10.

Perched on the top of the Pullman hotel – the sixteenth floor, to be exact – Sixteen Antlers offers panoramic views in the heart of the CBD, including a unique close-up of City Hall’s clock tower. The bar itself lovingly embraces a whimsical forest theme with a lush feature wall and plenty of greenery hanging over the icy-blue bar. No space is wasted here, silvery supports reach into the roof like metallic trees.

The food, too, follows the whimsy of the space. Simple, but deliciously juicy, soft-shell crab sliders share menu space with tiny Panna Cottas potted in glass jars like miniature edible gardens.


It’s delicious and decadent and, in my opinion, just what was lacking in the heart of the CBD.

Notably, all the wines of the Sixteen Antlers menu are the same price  – so no more selling yourself short and skimping on flavour in favour of that cheaper glass!

You’ll find Sixteen Antler on the corner of Ann & Roma streetThey’re open Tuesday and Wednesday from 3pm plus Thursday – Saturday from 2pm. 

Facebook: Sixteen Antlers
Instagram:  Sixteen_Antlers

Up on Constance | Fortitude Valley

On Thursday night my partner and I were lucky enough to score ourselves a ticket to Up on Constance and Tryp Hotel’s second birthday celebrations and boy are we glad we did. Up on Constance used the occasion to debut their latest functions package, including signature cocktails and miniature treats.

At this point, it’s important to note that I do this almost every single time I go out without fail: I will have a glass of wine, almost always red, and declare it to be the best glass of red I have ever had. After Googling the following week I will track down a bottle only to find that it’s not exactly the drop that my fuzzy, booze-addled brain thought it was. So, maybe, in this case, a bit of mystery is the best thing for both of us and that particular glass will have to be the one that got away.


But let’s get on to the food! we’re talking piles of enormous fresh oysters dripping with vinaigrette, stacks of battered prawns with sweet chilli sauce, palm-sized bowls of fried chicken with slaw and spicy mayo, and some of the best crispy pork belly sliders I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

We were also treated to a taste test of some of Up on Constance’s latest signature cocktails. One particular concoction with absinthe, tequila, pineapple juice and maraschino cherry, should leave you hating yourself and your life choices but is sweet, kind and regret-free. But the Espresso Dreams was the real deal-sealer: your standard espresso martini garnished with freshly shaved white chocolate. It’s delicious, decadent and totally worth the elevator ride.

Head down the laneway at 20 Constance Sreet, Fortitude Valley and ride the elevator to Up on Constance. They’re open Thursday – Sunday ’till late. 

Facebook: Up on Constance
Instagram: Up on Constance