The best of books | 2017

With the end of the year comes the inevitable litany of 'best of' lists and listicles. I set myself a reading challenge at the start of the year. Nothing too strange or too strenuous, no only reading books with a vegetable in the title or reading a book set at sea every Tuesday. My challenge … Continue reading The best of books | 2017


Womankind’s compassion challenge: Day one

to hate is an easy lazy thing  but to love takes strength everyone has but not all are willing to practice  - Rupi Kuar It's unflattering to document your own failings. Even on day one, it's tempting to write only about the times I succeeded. When I walked into a cafe and thought everyone here … Continue reading Womankind’s compassion challenge: Day one

Womankind’s compassion challenge

Starting from Sunday December 10, I'll be taking part in Womankind's compassion challenge. The challenge is pretty simple: Can you refrain from making negative comments about yourself and others for five days? The challenge is to act compassionately towards yourself and others, to be aware of your thoughts and actions and, in doing so, to attempt to halt … Continue reading Womankind’s compassion challenge

Currently Reading | January

New year, new books! That's how it goes, right? Either way, I've registered for a new Goodreads yearly reading challenge and, with a slew of recommendations under my belt, I'm ready to take on the new year! Because I'm lazy and again forgot to log a 'currently reading' for December this list condenses my January … Continue reading Currently Reading | January

New Year’s Resolution | Cooking

It's no secret around my house and throughout my family that, despite my affinity for food, I'm a terrible cook. In 23 years I've managed to amass the skills to make myself an omelette in the morning, prep some overnight oats and that's about it. So, for my New Years resolution, I've decided to develop … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution | Cooking

Currently reading | November

My reading habits in November have been noticeably dismal. Having pushed through the final crush of university exams, I've languished a little too much in all the time I have for straight-up laziness now. I'm also fully prepared to blame my laziness on my new found, and fully-fledged, addiction to HBO's Westworld. I did manage to … Continue reading Currently reading | November

Currently Reading | October

Another month, another currently-reading list. This month I found myself slipping between contemporary fiction and leaning back on my classic fiction habits like a worn-out crutch. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath What a quietly extraordinary book this is. I have been wanting to read The Bell Jar for as long as I remember so when … Continue reading Currently Reading | October